The Labor Management Compliance Council (LMCC) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of maintaining high standards and a level playing field for construction projects subject to prevailing wage laws in the plumbing and piping industry. To achieve this purpose, the LMCC carries out an active program to assure that laws governing the public works construction labor laws, public contract laws, and contractor license laws are enforced by the public agencies charged with their enforcement. 

We currently have a combined knowledge of over 112 years in the field of Labor Compliance. LMCC is composed of employees with diverse areas of expertise that extend from attending preconstruction meetings, conducting site visits, auditing payroll, attending hearings, providing training, among other tasks. This experience has been acquired through work performed with private and public agencies as well as Non-Profit Organizations. 

The roles of the members of LMCC consist of the following: 

Compliance Investigators: Currently LMCC has compliance investigators throughout Southern California. Their duties include: going out to job sites, taking pictures, interviewing workers, attending pre-job and pre-bid meetings, and building and maintaining relationships with awarding bodies, etc.  

Compliance Officers: Based on project referrals received by compliance investigators, the Labor Compliance Officer requests project documents and payroll records to begin an audit. If any violations are found, complaints are forwarded to the proper state or federal agencies.  

Administrative Assistant: Performs clerical duties to help the office run smoothly and efficiently. Coordinates office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies. Communicates with the awarding bodies to obtain the necessary documentation to begin the monitoring of projects.