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The Labor Management Compliance Council (LMCC) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of maintaining high standards and a level playing field for construction projects subject to prevailing wage laws in Southern California. Learn More

Our Mission

LMCC strives to maintain an equal playing field for all construction projects subject to prevailing wage laws in Southern California as well as ensuring that all workers are receiving the correct pay for the work they perform. Although LMCC reports non-compliant contractors to the proper enforcing agencies, the Council also believes in educating contractors and public agencies on the importance of abiding by both State and Federal laws.





Years of combined experience in the field of Labor Compliance
Total Civil Wage
Penalty Assessments-CWAPAs (Based on Referrals from LMCC to DLSE)
Total # of Cases Referred to DLSE & Currently Monitored
Civil Wage
Penalty Assessments-
(Based on referrals from LMCC to DLSE) from Jan 2021 - current



State law requires contractors on public-works projects to pay the prevailing wage and benefits to all workers employed on a public works project when the public works project is over $1,000. 


The Davis-Bacon Act, enacted in 1931, requires contractors to pay the local prevailing wage on most federally funded construction projects. The wage rates are set by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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The Skilled & Trained Workforce (“STW”) requirements are qualifications for the building and construction workforce that California law requires on certain projects. 


As a part of our educational efforts, LMCC has partnered with the Labor Commissioner's Office to provide educational webinars that cover an overview of prevailing wage and apprenticeship standards compliance and public works enforcement.

These free webinars are perfect for contractors, awarding agencies, and anyone else in the construction world. 


You can make a difference winning back jobs stolen from you through contractor fraud and misconduct by reporting non-compliance on public works prevailing wage projects. Complete the form below to request a compliance investigation in Southern California.

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For questions or for more information, please call 

213-385-LMCC (5622) Ext.100 or fill out the following form:


501 Shatto Place, Suite #260

Los Angeles, CA 90020


Tel: 213-385-LMCC (5622) Ext.100

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